Control Pain with Hypnosis

Hypnosis For Pain Management Has No Side Effects, Is Very Relaxing and.. For Some People.. May Replace Medication Completely. Ask Your Doctor about it!

During the past 30 years Dr. Kenneth Grossman has helped his clients to control chronic pain in private sessions. Now he has recorded his method and it is available for home use...thereby saving clients hundreds of dollars in fees...and the inconvenience of travel.

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Almost all pain will respond to hypnosis
Pain from cancer - arthritis - amputations - migraines - injury - and other conditions...can be reduced by hypnosis. Of course, it takes repetition...and the more you use it the better it works for you. You can't expect to be hypnotized once and have your back pain disappear for the rest of your life. But with practice you can achieve remarkable results.

Virtually everyone suffers from chronic or acute pain at some time in his or her life. Migraine headaches, back pain, chronic pain from illness or injury, and pain associated with surgery, cancer and other medical treatments.

Dr. Kenneth Grossman is no exception. He suffered a serious back injury as a young man, and during one 8-month period he was in so much pain he couldn't walk.

His doctors prescribed high doses of medication, but he was reluctant to take it because of the side affects. At the time he was a full time college student and he needed to think clearly.. so drugs were out of the question. Instead of medication he decided to use self-hypnosis and he still uses it every day of his life to manage pain.

His results with hypnosis were very satisfactory. Thirty days after he started self-hypnosis for pain management he was playing tennis. He has lived a very active life because of self-hypnosis and he recommends it highly.

Many people experiencing pain turn to medication.. either over-the-counter medication or prescriptions.. or even illegal drugs to relieve their pain. Sometimes the medication helps. But sometimes the side effects of medication are almost as bad as the pain itself. Many people just don't want to take drugs.

Hypnosis Advantages
Today more and more people suffering with chronic pain are turning to hypnosis. Hypnosis, along with medical treatment, has several advantages in pain management. Hypnosis requires no drugs. It has no harmful side effects. It is not addicting. That is why it is recommended by the National Institutes of Health.

Hypnosis can be used as part of a total pain management program.

Of course, you should have your condition diagnosed by a qualified physician before using hypnosis to control your pain.

Hypnosis produces deep relaxation that can help relieve pain.
Some painful conditions, such as headaches, are often aggravated by stress and can be eased by relaxation alone. Even those conditions that are not directly stress related can often be helped with hypnosis.

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Here's what clients are saying...

"I have been using your hypnosis for pain management, and it has helped immensely. I have Fibromyalgia, and this disease causes widespread pain. I am grateful for an alternative to medication. It has helped me to get off of several different painkillers, helped me to learn to relax, and helped me to turn my pain level down. I have recommended this program to several people I know who have problems with pain. Without relaxation, all I can do when I am in pain is focus it, and myself. I am glad you were out there to help me. THANK YOU!!!"
-- Cynthia Lang

"I just want to thank you for this wonderful program! My MD kept telling me I would feel better but I kept getting worse. I began to feel better immediately after listening to your CD's. I've been doing it about a month now and I can't believe how much better I am and I can't thank you enough! God Bless You!"
-- Evelyn Thurston

"My hypnosis CD has not only helped my hip pain so I can sleep thru the night, I have more energy since I am not always so tired. My son and daughter suggested that I try this and I'm glad they did."
-- Harriet Bonaski

“I think I love you! I suffered from migraine headaches for 32 years. Now I relax them away with your CD. I can't tell you how much gratitude I feel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.â€
-- Sandra Johns

Hypnosis is Safe!
All who suffer from chronic pain should explore hypnosis. It is safe for adults and children. Order Dr. Grossman's Pain Management CD Program and find out if your condition will respond to hypnosis. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

To Read the National Institutes of Health Report On Pain and Hypnosis CLICK HERE!

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