How To Arrange To Have a Custom Hypnosis CD Created Specifically For You!

If you have special needs that go beyond the hypnosis CD's that Dr. Grossman offers, then this program is for you. Here is how it works. You'll first email Dr. Grossman outlining what you want to accomplish. Then, after arranging an appointment by email, you'll call Dr. Grossman and discuss your goals with him by telephone. Then he will write and professionally record a hypnosis CD for you and ship it to you. This is very creative, yet intensive work on Dr. Grossman's part which he truly enjoys. He'll often spend hours on each project yet his fee is only $595.

Note: This includes 2 hours of private sessions with Dr. Grossman.

Here are a few of the Custom Programs he's created for clients:

  • Gambling Addiction
  • Pass the Bar Examination
  • Pass your Medical Boards
  • Being Comfortable with Dentures
  • Bowling Tournament Competition
  • Winning Golf Tournaments
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Business Motivation
  • Cancer Pain
  • Fear of Heights
  • Claustrophobia
  • Professional Billiards Competition
  • Hypnosis For Swimming
  • Shopping Addiction
  • Internet Porn Addiction
  • Hypnosis For Controlling Anger
  • Forgetting Past Memories

and many, many more.

To Get Started:

1. Use the "Order Custom" button below to purchase your custom cd.

2. Send an email to Dr. Grossman with the following information: Your name, street address and phone number(s). Include a description of the problem you would like to work on, including a description of your previous experience with hypnosis...if any.

3. The next step is to arrange the telephone interview. This is done by email. During your telephone session call from a place where you will not be disturbed. Expect that the session will last 2 hours, however it could take longer.

Read What Clients Have Said About His Custom CD

"My custom CD was worth every penny I spent for it. I would be happy to have you post my comments on your website. I am sure there are many people out there who have the same dental problem that I had. I see people every day who walk around without their teeth in, and although I never ask I believe they have dentures but find it difficult to wear them. My denture problem was real embarrassing for me. Besides they used to make me feel nauseated. From the very first time I listened to my custom CD it worked! My dentures have been in and comfortable just about 24 hours a day now every day. I am no longer nauseated and I feel great all day long. It is no longer a problem or an embarrassment any longer thanks to you. I never gave hypnotism a thought before but it works."
-- Terry Wood

"I have been using the Custom Hypnosis program I ordered from you for six weeks. I had noticed right away how honest you are and I was impressed by how much work you put into the project. The script was much better than what I had written myself. After four weeks I noticed that during the session, there was a marked reduction of negative thoughts as they were visualized. From that point on my level of anti anxiety drug dropped quickly until, two weeks later, I am now off meds entirely. I now feel like a calmer, stronger person. I have exposed myself to situations that would have triggered anxiety and felt perfectly secure. Thank you very very much; your hypnosis has changed my life."
-- Darren Uscianowski

"The custom cd you made for me changed me completely. I am no longer the shy person who couldn't do a thing without the approval of others. I now stand up for myself. I believe in myself. I have total confidence in my abilities to do anything I set my mind to. I couldn't be happier!"
-- Donna Riley

If you are ready to start, order your Custom Hypnosis CD from Dr. Grossman today!

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