How to Reduce Stress and Overcome Anxiety and Panic with Hypnosis

Our Stress Reduction Hypnosis Program Helps Even The Most "Uptight" Person To Unwind, Relax, Find Renewed Balance In His or Her Life and Overcome Anxiety. We Guarantee It.

It takes minutes, but leads to lasting changes from reduced stress including better memory, clearer thinking, less anger, better personal relationships, and better coordination and reaction times.

Relieving stress will help you with weight loss, stress eating, anger management, smoking cessation, insomnia, impulse control, family and social relations, and business and sports performance.

Are you out of energy all the time? Do you find yourself irritable and angry? Do you feel sad or depressed? Do you suffer from panic or anxiety? Do you sleep until the afternoon? Do you find it difficult to fall asleep?

These are all symptoms of stress. Daily practice with hypnosis will help you reduce negative stress from your life...resulting in a more balanced and happier life.

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What our clients have said:

"I have to tell you how much your Stress Reduction CDs are working for me! I went from having 5-10 panic attacks a day to having NONE. The worst part was feeling that another panic attack was just around the corner, and "fighting" not to have one. I haven't felt that way since I started listening to your CDs."
-- Paige Maston

"Your stress reduction CDs work great. I've noticed a marked improvement in my dealings with others and my marriage is also benefiting from my much calmer attitude. Thank you."
--Harry Eckert Jr.

"Thank you for your Stress program. I couldn't imagine that just by listening to a kindly voice I could overcome my anxiety. I listen to it at least 3 times a week. I am off ALL the drugs I was taking for anxiety. I love myself again."
-- Ron Wilk

"Ken, I have been listening to your Hypnosis for Stress Managment program for three weeks and it is changing my life. I will soon be off the drugs I am taking for anxiety. The frustrations of the day no longer bother me as they used to. Every day I feel calmer and less anxious. Thank you very much."
-- Darren Uscianowski

"I love the CD's on Stress Meditation. They are helping me so much! I feel like a new person. My Dad died last December and I have felt so much stress because of my grief and because of all I must do to settle the estate. I also have a lot of pain from arthritis. The CD's help to relieve the pain and I now feel I can concentrate on doing what I have to do. You have a beautiful voice that is so easy to listen to. Thank you so much for your help."
-- Carolyn Nichols

"My hypnosis CD's have not only helped my hip pain so I can sleep thru the night, I have more energy since I am not always so tired. My son and daughter suggested that I try this and I'm glad they did."
-- Harriet Bonaski

"I just finished 4 rounds of chemotherapy and 30 radiation treatments for breast cancer. I never felt sick. I had lots of energy. My attitude has been good. I ran 4 miles every day. Your programs for pain management, stress management and weight loss were my companions throughout and I listened to them every day. I can't thank you enough."
-- Sue Tomasine

"I can’t begin to tell you what managing stress has done for me! There are no words to thank you enough. I don’t worry any more. I know that the best will happen for me. I sleep better. I used to toss and turn and worry all night. Not any more. I fall asleep fast and don’t get up till my alarm goes off. I have more energy. I am looking for things to do. I used to just sit and stare at the TV like a blob. Thank you for the wonderful program and for your personal support."
-- Bob Walsh

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With regular practice of self-hypnosis meditation you condition yourself so that stressful events just don't bother you. You actually become immune to stress.

Just ask the person who scans your groceries the next time you are in the check out line if he or she is under stress and their answer will probably be “Yes!” Stress doesn't come from your occupation (or lack of occupation) it comes from changes occurring in your life and your response to them.

We are all under a lot of stress...but healthy people learn techniques to help themselves manage stress. A few minutes of relaxation with self-hypnosis meditation can make you a winner over stress.

America, like many western civilizations, is feeling the impact of global change. The effects of change reach into every crevice of life putting people more and more under pressure. Think about the changes that have taken place in your neighborhood over the past few years…especially since September 11, 2001.

Many people try but find that the avoidance strategies frequently generate more stress rather than reducing it. If you drink alcohol or take drugs to avoid stress you'll end up worse off in the long run.

The perfect antidote to stress is relaxation and meditation...and the perfect form of meditation is hypnosis.

Stress causes the brain waves to increase, which causes a chain reaction of events to cascade in the body. A few of the changes that take place in the body when we experience stress are higher blood pressure, rapid heart beat, tense muscles, rapid and shallow respiration, cold hands and feet and decreased immune function.

When you are stressed it's as though your brain is preparing your body to fight or run away…and it is!

The stressors faced by humans conditioned to a nomadic hunter-gather lifestyle are obviously different to the high-tech lifestyle of today. Our distant ancestors needed responses to stress that would enable them to trigger physical flight or fight responses to the perils and pleasures of hunting.

These types of responses are inappropriate today. If you physically ran away from your workplace whenever things got on top of you then this would not enhance your standing in the organization. Conversely if you punch the boss on the nose when he/she gives you a tough time then the resulting dismissal and assault charges will generate considerably greater levels of stress.

Stress causes strain on the body…and the strain can lead to illness…unless we do something about practice relaxation and meditation with hypnosis.

Stress causes strain on your immune system and that can lead to illness and disease. Many doctors report that up to 90% of people in hospitals are there because of stress…including many types of cancer and heart disease.

The perfect antidote to stress is relaxation…not relaxing with a brew at the pub or relaxing in front of the television…but relaxing the body and slowing the brain waves into the Alpha state with hypnosis.

When we are in the Alpha State the brain waves slow down to 6 to 8 cycles per second. When that happens we are perfectly relaxed! Everything that happens to the body is the opposite of what happens when we are stressed.

In the Alpha State the blood vessels dilate, so the blood pressure goes down. The breathing is slow and deep. The heart rate slows down. The muscles completely relax. In the Alpha State the immune system speeds up…so Alpha is a healing state.

There are only four brain wave states.

Beta…when we are awake…21 to 35 cycles per second.

Alpha…when we are perfectly relaxed and hypnotized…6 to 8 cycles per second.

Theta…when we are asleep…3 to 5 cycles per second.

Delta…when we are unconscious or in a coma…1 to 3 cycles per second.

Alpha, or hypnosis…the words are interchangeable…is a natural state. It is a fact that we pass from Beta through Alpha every night before we fall asleep. And we pass from Theta-sleep-through Alpha when we awaken in the morning.

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For over two decades, Dr. Grossman has guided thousands of men, women and children into meditation with hypnosis and taught them how to relax to reduce stress.

The profound relaxation that you will achieve with Dr. Grossman’s Stress Management CD Program will condition your mind...and your nervous system…to relax completely and to let go of the stress, tension and negativity in your life.

Listening also gives your mind and body the ability to effectively deal with stressful events when they do occur. It makes you stronger physically and mentally.

You'll become stress hardy.

The total relaxation that accompanies hypnosis is a buffer that dissipates the harmful effects of stress…so that you can thrive in spite of the problems and changes life throws at you.

You will experience 2 different hypnosis sessions in this series. Each hypnosis session has a unique purpose…and the two hypnosis sessions together comprise the pieces of the puzzle required to condition a person’s mind and body for stress reduction

Hypnosis Session Number One

During this session Dr. Grossman’s soothing voice will progressively relax and soothe your body and mind as you enter a state of ultra-deep hypnosis. As you listen to his voice, every muscle, nerve and fiber of your body will let go and relax.

During this guided meditation he will take you on a journey to a place of ultimate relaxation. There you will discover what is truly most important to you in your life. He will give you post-hypnotic suggestions for achieving instantaneous that you can relax yourself any time you want to or need to.

You will awaken with feelings of health and happiness. You will feel refreshed physically and mentally. You’ll sleep better. You’ll feel more relaxed throughout your day. Your energy level will increase. You’ll feel better able to cope with every situation life throws your way.

Hypnosis Sessions Number Two

During this session you will once again enter into a state of ultra-deep hypnosis. You will discover that each time you practice hypnosis it becomes easier. Every muscle and nerve of your body will relax…and your mind will relax.

You will create a visualization during which all anxiety, frustrations, fears, and negative conditionings will be removed from your mind. Your negativity will be replaced with positive feelings of relaxation, enthusiasm, self-confidence, healing and peace.

You will awaken with feelings of total relaxation and peace. These calm, relaxed feelings will stay with you as you go about your day. Depression will be replaced with cheerfulness and a more optimistic view of the world. You’ll get more done with more energy and vitality. Your concentration will increase and you will be able to focus your attention better.

For best results listen to one of the hypnosis sessions each day…either when you wake up in the morning…or as you are drifting off to sleep.

From the first time you listen…you’ll feel relaxed—no matter how stressed you are.

This program will help you to sleep well and to awaken rested and refreshed. You will feel more energetic and alive as you go through your day. You will be more creative and able to concentrate better. You will be happier, more cheerful and more positive.

Managing stress with hypnosis will help your immune system to function you will be healthier.

The program will work for you safely, easily and effectively as it has for thousands of others.

All you have to do is close your eyes and listen while Dr. Grossman’s voice does the work.

Individual stress reduction programs with an experienced and qualified Hypnotherapist can cost hundreds…even thousands…of dollars. It is not necessary to spend that much. Now you can have a total stress management program for pennies a day.

Order now and take the first step on the road to a new life of health and vitality. We guarantee it!

"Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can't-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked, iron-clad moneyback guarantee. If for any reason, you aren't thrilled and satisfied with our product, just contact us within 30 days and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price. No hard feelings."

"What I'm saying is, don't decide now if this product is for you. Just get it and try it out. If it doesn't do everything I say and more, if you don't save money, time and frustration, if it isn't life-changing for you, if it doesn't work for you, you have nothing to worry about because you can get every dime of your money back under our no-loopholes guarantee. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

Kindest regards, Kenneth Grossman, Ph.D.

Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy with over 30 years experience.